What if your teacher doesn’t like her students to start teaching....

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What if your teacher doesn’t like her students to start teaching....

This is a delicate topic, do you agree? Some dancers are lucky with supportive teachers who keep guiding them into the teaching world. But unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.⠀

Why doesn’t your teacher want you to start teaching?

- He/she thinks that you are not ready

- Personal insecurities and fear of competition

- Simple miscommunication between you and your teacher

- He/she has specific teaching policy at their school, and they don’t want to do any exceptions because it will be a bad example to other students⠀

How to solve this situation:

✅Be critical and objective: are you actually ready to teach? Would you like to have had such teacher as you when YOU WERE STARTING your dance journey?

✅Talk to your teacher, and ask her opinion if you are ready to teach. Ask what she thinks you need to improve. Be open and ready to hear about your weak points.

✅Talk to her former students who are teaching now. How did they solve this situation.

✅Always be respectful to your teacher regardless of her opinion about your potential future teaching.

✅Ask yourself what you really want. Are teaching activities so important to you? If that’s your dream, go for it. But also, don’t forget to figure out what aspects you need to improve and work on. Don’t just go blindly for it. Be the teacher of your own dream.

Teachers! How was your transition into the teaching world? Did you have a support of your teacher?

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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