Scrolling the phone

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Scrolling the phone

One of my guilty pleasures is scrolling a phone, especially after an evening of exhausting shows. I just can’t make myself go straight to a shower and sleep. -Usually I’m so tired that I just want to get cozy somewhere in the corner, and randomly scroll via social media. ----⠀

Yes I know, I shouldn’t! ---But who doesn’t do it from time to time. -‍♀️-And now Instagram got smarter and more evil, and knows exactly what to show each individual person to keep their attention longer. Resist, Iana, resist! lol ---⠀

How long on average do you spend on Instagram? Did you know that you can see this statistics directly on the insta app? -‍--Mine shows 1 hour 40 mins per day. What’s your number?

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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