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A year ago I was in a very frustrating place. It felt like dancing stopped bringing me joy. Some days I had to drag myself in the studio to practice, and often performances were bringing more of annoying than satisfying feeling.⠀

For a long time I was refusing to acknowledge it to myself. How so?! What an absurd thought?! I’m a full time dancer, what else can I dream about?!

But truth was that dancing became my job. Job that I was doing very well, never sacrificing the quality of my show, even despite my inner dancer was in tears, and asking for more.

Part of the answer I found at the Belly Dance Life Podcast.

Have you ever noticed how often our guests, answering to the final signature question, refer to the music as their source of dance passion? Only after hearing it a dozen of times, I realized how much I was underestimating the power of music.

At that time I was having multiple shows every week. Typically clients have some requests for their favorite songs. It’s not a big deal to include 1-2 songs in the show, but if you have several shows in a week, you end up building your practice only around those songs to be ready for the weekend.

How could I have expected myself to be enthusiastic, if the music wasn’t really matching my artistic taste? Of course, there were some exceptions, and some songs even stayed in my regular repertoire, but it was very rare. Mostly it was songs that I would never pick to dance to.

These days I always make sure that my training playlists includes mostly songs that DO inspire me. I don’t care if they are traditional, or fusion, Egyptian or Greek, “appropriate for professional belly dancer”, or cheesy. The main criteria is: they inspire me to move.

It’s such a small adjustment but such a huge impact. I simply felt like doors to the creative flow got opened again.-

I even feel like sharing my monthly playlist updates online. Maybe some of those songs will inspire another dancer in a similar situation. What do you think? Would you be interested? I sometimes feel like I put too much content on you guys, so might as well check.

Author: Iana Komarnytska

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