My Secret Training Trick

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Sometimes you feel stuck when practicing on your own. It’s difficult to be a student and your own teacher at the same time. So what to do?

I use the power of imagination.

I often catch myself imagining a teacher, or an outside eye observing my practice. What would he/she say? What corrections would I hear? And then I work exactly on those improvements.

This trick may sound weird, but it’s a great tool to put yourself in a working mood. Self-discipline is great, but we all know how challenging it is to reach our maximum potential without any external push. Adding a layer of fun imaginary world can make it easier. The main thing is to keep it on a positive note. It’s not about self-beating and critique. It’s about identifying weak points and fixing them.

Who was your most memorable teacher? What he/she used to say that always pushed you to work harder?Looking forward to your comments and stories.

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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