Maximum Results From Your Training

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How often did you have a situation when you finally carved time to practice, got into your training outfit, and then…… spent at least half an hour trying to decide what actually to focus on? Or even worse, started jumping from one task to another without giving proper attention to any of them... Sounds familiar?

So how to solve this problem, and make your practice time flow smooth and efficiently?⠀

Decide on your practice goals prior to the session.

Are you gonna work a new choreo? Polish existing routines? Drill technique?

A simple example can be: first 15 mins I work on loosing up my shimmy, then 30 mins to rehearse for an upcoming show, and then last 15 mins for a nice backbend stretch. Or whatever your goals are.

Choose between 1 to maximum 3 tasks for each session depending on how much time you have available, but do it in advance. This way you don't waste neither time nor your decision-making energy, but invest them directly into improving your dance.

Do you wish you practiced on your own more often? What is your main struggle in it? Or maybe opposite: share your secret tactic on how you get maximum results out of your individual training. Someone may read it in comments, and find a solution for their dance struggles. Share both or either answers below ---

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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